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AM Meetings:

9:30 Coffee & Snacks

10:00 Meeting

PM Meetings:

6:00 Coffee & Snacks

6:30 Meeting

September 12


Overview of the CHT preconference workshop with Joanne Hall on Pictorial Tapestry Weaving.

Cynthia Balentine


October 10


Principles of Design

Diana Kersey

Diana holds an MFA from Washington State and BFA from Texas Tech. She currently is a fulltime professor of art at Northwest Vista College and her focus is public art. She has been awarded and completed numerous large-scale public art projects for the city of San Antonio.


November 14


Photographing Your Work

Nancy Cavender-Garcia

Nancy earned her BFA and MFA degrees in photography at the University of New Mexico. She has extensive experience in non-silver processes, hand coloring photographs and pinhole photography. Cavender received the SSAC 2005 Award for Teaching.






Annual Christmas Party Potluck

And Chinese Gift Exchange



January 9th


Running a Mill

Dawn Brown

Dawn owns and operates Independence Mill in Brenham Texas. She has exhibited her finely processed mohair at KidNEwe and does her own dyeing, processing of fiber for sale as well.


February 27


A Voyage to Sweden:  Swedish Weaves, Weaving traditions, Swedish weavers and their Looms

Joanne Hall-Guest Workshop Speaker

Joanne holds a master’s degree in Textile Design from the University of Minnesota. She has a long history of weaving tapestries and of teaching beginning to advanced students. She has written several books on weaving and loves to share her expertise on various types of looms. She currently runs her textile studio out of Clancy, Montana. She will be holding a workshop for guild members on Swedish weaving in February 2020.

March 12



Lorie Dorpinghaus

Lorie has at least 20 years experiences as a fiber artist Her specialty is in Shibori dyeing. She will speak to us about her journey into fiber art.


April 9th


Guatemala Fiber-Travel

Jean Warneke

Jean is a certified travel agent with a company that promotes eco-tourism. She works via JB Journeys which is a Texas-based, woman owned travel company. She has a passion for Guatemala and will be displaying Guatemalan textiles and speaking about her tours to Guatemala.




Annual Sale & Potluck


Hands are the Exit of the Spirit (Show and Tell) will be an important part of each meeting. Members are encouraged to bring and share their fiber  projects and interests. Seeing work that others have done sparks and renews inspiration. Hearing and seeing other members work provides wonderful learning experiences for all.