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2018 - 2019

N.O.W. (New or Occasional Weaver)


For 10 pairs, a weaving mentor from the Guild and a new or occasional weaver, the day will be spent exploring basic floor loom weaving techniques on a pre-warped loom with a direct tie-up. Case Galloway, Fiber Program Director at the Southwest School of Art, provided a weaving plan for this one-day event. Nancy Heneghan, Introduction to Weaving class teacher at SSA, will guide the day. A hearty "Thank You" to all of the mentors who volunteered.



Southwest School of Art

Beginner Weaver



September 15

9:30 - 4:00 pm

October 26-28

9:30 - 4:30


Doubleweave Diversity

Jennifer Moore


On Loom 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms


Learn all about the magic of doubleweave. Jennifer Moore's workshop for 4 and 8 shafts explores weaving two independent layers of cloth, double-width cloth, tubular weaving, color-and-weave effects, pique, quilting and doubleweave pick-up.


Explore Jennifer's exciting work at her website.





$225 plus $10 material fees


Southwest School of Art


November 10

No Charge


San Antonio Public Library

Cody Branch

11441 Vance Jackson Road

(210) 696-6396


Weave in Public Day


Knitters have a long history with the very popular Knit in Public Day. Time for a similar event with weaving!


We had such a great response to Woven in Time exhibit at the SA Public Library Central Library that the library staff jumped at the chance to host a W.I.P. event at one of the branch libraries. Part demo, part make-and-take event, we have places for demonstrators on three to four types of looms, two to three types of spinning, basket makers and helpers with the small cardboard loom make and take table.


January 26

10 - 3


$20 materials in



Colonial Hills United Methodist Church

Felted Treasures

Rosanne White


Take advantage of our own local treasure, Rosanne White, in making felted pins and ornaments. From tender valentines and singing birds to dreamy southwest landscapes, she has a gorgeous repertoire of examples to inspire us. Rosanne will cover designing specific details in felt, using embroidery to get the idea just right and enhancing the piece with beads. Expect to go home with at least one completed pin, ornament or Valentine and probably more.

February 22-24

Fee to be determined by the Southwest School of Art


Southwest School of Art


Ikat Weaving

Daniel Garver


Daniel Garver, currently a resident artist at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, has exhibited  broadly across the United States since his work shifted dramatically from ceramics to textiles. His bold, pattern-heavy work in weaving and drawing explores topics of mathematical sequences, visual perception, and structural systems. This workshop through the Southwest School of Art will focus on ikat in which individual threads are bound, dyed and woven to create intricate nuanced patterns.





Workshop fees are based on the minimum number of participants in each  workshop, to include the instructor's fee and facility rental. Instructors may also set a separate supply fee.  If the workshop is canceled, those who have paid will receive a full refund without penalty. Fees above the minimum needed to cover workshop costs go to the Guild general fund. Workshops for the benefit of the Guild, such as archiving, will have their costs paid by the Guild and there will be no cost to participants.


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