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WORKSHOPS 2017-2018


Tracy Kaestner


Friday November 10 and Satruday, Novemer 11th


The Magic of Color and Weave

Wha exactly is Color and Weave and how does it work? Color and weave effects allow the weaver to create complex looking farics using basic structures (plain weave and twill) and the use of contrasting (dark/light) threads. Farmiliar Color and Weave patterns are Log Cabin, Shadow Weave and Houndstooth.


In the class we will explore these patterns and more! The class is setup round robin style; participants will leave with samples from each warp, an assorment of Color and Weave fabrics. Computer software will be used during the class to emonstrate the magic of Color and Weave. Each participant will receive the materials and instructions required to warp their loom. There are both 4 and 8 shaft drafts.



$50 Material Fee






Anastasia Zaure



Cost to be determined by SSA






Friday, February 9 and Saturday, February 10

The San Antonio Handweavers Guild will partner with the Southwest School of Art (SSA) to present Anatasia Azure's Intersections: Metal and Weaving

An off loom workshop


Explore the creativity of weaving metal without a loom. Beginning with basic weave structures and simple hand tools, we will work with color wire and then sheet metal to make jewelry. We will also explore advance twills, free-form warps and have the opportunity to use a rolling mill, hydraulic press and hammers. Participants have the opportunity to make earrings, pendants, pins and bracelets, as well as make technical samples for future inpisration.


This will be conducted at SSA and be listed in their Spring catalogue. Participants will register through SSA, see www.school.org/.







Thursday May 3, Friday May 4, Saturday May 5


Laura Viada; winner of the Judges Choice Award at 2017 Contrmporary Handweavers of Texas Conference will present: “The Beauty and Versatility of Thick-n-Thin”.  An on loom workshop.




"The Art of Transparencies"

Transparencies are fun to weave and present a wealth of opportunities for expression and design.  It is a close relative of the tapestry.  Transparency’s   distinguishing characteristic is the contrast between opaque areas of pattern inlay and the sheer background cloth.


This workshop introduces students to basic transparency weaving techniques and to all the possibilities transparency offers.  We will explore the basics- - yarns, sett, weaving techniques, creating shapes, design sources and methods.   Students will create an original cartoon. Then  students may continue experimenting with yarns and techniques and/or begin weaving from their cartoon.






Laura Viada







Material Fee













Additional Workshops:  Dates to be determined and fees dependent on venue.



Archival Day – a workday to continue cataloguing and documenting historic guild samples.

Origami Bag Workshop - Cindy Balentine will show us how to use squares, rectangles, and long strips of handwoven fabric to make useful bags, totes etc.

UFO Day – Finish your unfinished objects in the company of fiber enthusiasts, guild friends.












Workshop fees are based on the minimum number of participants in each  workshop, to include the instructor's fee and facility rental. Instructors may also set a separate supply fee.  If the workshop is canceled, those who have paid will receive a full refund without penalty. Fees above the minimum needed to cover workshop costs go to the Guild general fund. Workshops for the benefit of the Guild, such as archiving, will have their costs paid by the Guild and there will be no cost to participants.


Unless otherwise stated, a deposit of 50% of the workshop maximum fee will be required to guarantee a spot in the workshop. This fee is due when you sign up for the workshop. The balance is due no later than the day of the workshop. If a participant cancels more than 14 days in advance of the workshop, the deposit and any additional workshop fees paid, minus a $25 cancellation fee will be refunded. No refunds are allowed within 14 days of the workshop. In case of emergency or illness, refunds will be considered on an individual basis up to 24 hours before the workshop. No-shows will be billed for any unpaid fees based on the full amount of the workshop.


Non-members registering for a workshop will be charged the workshop fee plus the annual Guild membership fee in force at the time of the workshop. Membership in any Handweavers Guild is considered to be a member of SAHG for purposes of this policy.